Our Services

Planning and technical consultancy in the planning phase, SIC offers engineers and builders consultancy and solutions in connection with foundations and all related civil works involved in the establishment of wind turbines.

At SIC we offer our customers effective turnkey solutions in the establishment of wind turbine foundations and related civil works. We work with the customer all the way from forest clearing, through planning of the site facilities, to laying of cables. Furthermore, we are experts in various kinds of wind turbine foundations, whether it be rock-anchored or gravity base foundations.

At SIC, we work closely with the wind turbine manufacturers to ensure that the technical specifications for the foundation correspond to the selected wind turbine type. We make sure that the foundations meet the latest requirements in the field at all times.

At SIC, we are happy to assist in establishing sites for our wind turbine customers. We run the project from start to finish, including tree harvesting, establishment of the needed supply lines, laying of cables etc. We also build roads and crane foundations, when necessary.